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Planning for a Career in Healthcare : Dr. McKinnell's YouTube Channel      

Learn helpful and routinely shared information right from the comfort of your screen!

  • Find answers to common questions & concerns about pursuing a career in healthcare
  • Intriguing video topics such as:
    • Navigating the Application Process
    • How to Stand Out in a Herd of Applicants
    • Shadowing: What is it? Why do it?
    • Keeping Options Open: Strategies for Choosing and Scheduling Classes
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 Popular Video Topics: 

Hey, High Schoolers, Lets talk about BA MD program

 Every Job You Have Ever Had Has Prepared You For A Career in Healthcare 1

 Presenting Yourself In a Healthcare Environment

Episode 14

Many schools now offer programs that  combine undergraduate education with guaranteed admission into medical school, but most require students apply during Fall semester of the senior year. Find out more about UNM's program specifically and the information that young high school students need to know if they hope to apply for one.

Episode 4

Many pre-health students omit work experiences from their program applications because they feel that any work that isn't "medical" isn't relevant to the application. In this video, we take a look at many common jobs and the skills we take away from them. In the end, the hope is we realize that every job we have ever had has indeed prepared us for a career in healthcare.

Episode 17

It's not uncommon to feel a bit out of place in a healthcare environment, but there are things we can do to help us feel more comfortable. One of those things is putting ourselves together so we look like we belong. Let's talk about that more.